Bio+AAA Mineral Cartridge RO Water Purifiers

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Buy Bio+AAA Mineral Cartridge from  best online store for RO Water Purifier Accessories in India 

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Bio+AAA Mineral Cartridge can be installed to all types of RO Water Purifiers for the following benefits: 
  1. Adds Antioxidant, makes water alkaline, antibacterial water
  2. Reduces ORP
  3. Removes Free Radicals from water
  4. Decreases NMR
  5. Adds Minerals to the water
  6. Enhanced PH level of water
  7. Gives Bacteria & Viruses free Pure & Healthy drinking water 
Features :

  1. 100% Genuine and Original Product
  2. 8" Mineral Cartridge size
  3. 12,000 Ltr Purification Capacity

This Bio+AAA filter is specially designed to remove all the harmful substances and maintain the PH level in water. The filter has mineral balls which enrich water with a variety of minerals/organic salt and chemical element which are required by the human body. This process gives water a natural sweet taste and also maintains an accurate acid-alkaline balance in the human body.